excerpts_dialogue“From Great Heights,” Dialogue:  A Journal of Mormon Thought, Spring 2011

“Norman began to cry, and so as not to be heard or seen, he covered his face with his hand and turned from the window. His body shook as if with convulsions.  He’d never felt so alone. And then, with a stone-cold clarity that razored into him, Norman knew he couldn’t remember not feeling alone. There had been Carolyn, the girls he dated in high school and college, mission companions and roommates, his colleagues, friends from home like Cameron. Hadn’t they been friends, conversed together, shared memories? A chill inched up Norman’s spine, passed through his trembling shoulders, and settled into his jaw, making his teeth chatter. They were his friends, Norman knew, yet he’d always felt comforted he’d avoided their pitfalls and vices, and evaded their unhappiness. Norman wiped at his eyes with his palm and shook his head. Then why am I so unhappy? he thought.”