excerpts_littleworlds“After All the Fun We’ve Had,”

All These Little Worlds, Fall 2012

“Last year it was like these kids were just disappearing from our classrooms.  Literally. You’d look and there’d be twelve empty seats when there’d only been nine a minute before.  They’d sneak out the door, crawl through the windows if they had to.  And God knows where they went.  Sniffing glue in some back alley.  Stealing beer from the Gas ‘n Go.  Those were usually good guesses.

And it’s not as if their parents cared much.  Our phone calls irritated them.  They’d tell me to go you-know-what and then hang up.

And the few students who managed to stick around?  About an hour of consciousness, until the Red Bull and amphetamines wore off, and then they’d be passed out and slobbering all over the desktops.  Teachers complained.  ‘We’re white noise,’ they’d shout at me in staff meetings.  ‘We can’t break through the apathy.’”